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How to Keep Your Dog Warm in the Winter

How to Keep Your Dog Warm in the Winter

Let’s face it, some of us have dogs that are better suited for cold weather than others. Huskies, St. Bernard’s, and even Retrievers are much more adapted to colder environments than their other dogs just by the virtue of their build, thickness of their fur, and genetics. This is why it’s important, if you have smaller or shorter haired dogs, to make sure you know how to keep them warm during the winter and how you can protect them from other elements during the winter time.

So Cold!

In the understatement of the century, winter is cold, especially if you live in a northern state. If you just let your dog run around like you would in the summer, there’s a good chance your dog can get seriously injured or freeze! And we don’t want that.

Throughout the course of human history, there have been several inventions made to help keep animals and humans alike warm. The first is the simple but mighty jacket! If your dog doesn’t have enough fur to keep them warm during the 40th blizzard this week, put more fur on them in the form of a jacket. It’ll do its job by keeping their bodies warm and can even be used as a fashion statement.

The other important thing to make sure you do with your dog is to protect their feet. Buying little shoes or mittens for your dog can go a long way for protecting their feet, even if they do look a little silly while getting acclimated to having footwear. Everything from ice chunks, to salt on the ground, to just the cold snow will greatly benefit your dog’s health and the safety of their paws. It can also be used as an opportunity to make even more of a fashion statement!

Going for Walks and Exercise

Exercise is always easier in the summertime. You can either take them for a long walk, or let them run around in the yard, or play fetch at the park. However, winter conditions can sometimes make these activities difficult or unsafe for you and your furry friends.

But your dog still needs exercise. The best solution is to take them for a short daily walk. This gets them moving constantly throughout the week and allows them to experience the outside so they don’t feel cooped up indoors. Winter is also a good opportunity to learn how to best play with your dogs indoors – they’re bound to have some built-up energy. If your dog loves to play in the snow, give them the opportunity to do so! Your dog will thank you for the fun opportunity!

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