Houdini Gray

CPO(Chief Pet Officer)

With support and guidance from Judy and Bill Gray, his pet parents, Houdini, came up with the idea of developing a healthy line of pet treats for cats and dogs. As Houdini says in his own words, “Pets are family too. Shouldn’t they be treated as such by giving them only the healthiest snacks and treats? It’s time for a change. Which is why I created Houdi’s Foodies.”

A graduate of Oxford and Cambridge with a Ph.D. in Feline Philosophy, it is a dream come true for the toy bobcat to create his pet line; Houdini has worked around the clock (when he’s not catnapping) to find just the right ingredients for his collection of snacks and treats. As the CPO (Chief Pet Officer), he has been involved in all phases of the product development process, especially the selection of ingredients, formulations, and tasting. When he’s not working, Houdini can’t be found as one of his favorite pastimes is being his namesake, Houdini.  Realizing that he could not do everything on his own, he put together a special board of directors to assist him on the project.

Teddy B


Teddy is a rescue and city dog, a politician, and Pawlderman in Chicago who plans to run for Mayor in 2023 on the PAW ticket. As a board member, he maintains order, especially during the raucous board meetings. He uses his bark to drown out the other barks and meows during heated debates over new pet products.  On weekdays, he polices the production area (from the outside) to prevent the other board members from tasting the new pet treat inventory—especially Kylo. On his time off, he likes to take long park walks and enjoy the sniffs in his neighborhood.



Kylo is the youngest member of the board, at two years old, and is known for being easily distracted. Therefore, there are no balls allowed in the board room during meetings.  He is full of energy, and his enthusiasm is unmatched whenever asked to perform Quality Control tests on his favorite Houdi’s Foodies dog treats.  Kylo is never allowed in the production area for fear he will deplete the Houdi’s Foodies inventory. An aspiring actor and a graduate of the Actor’s Workshop in NYC, Kylo has been seen in multiple commercials and TV shows, from a coming-of-age young pup to a growing family dog. This fall, he will be featured in his first action movie, Top Dog, a remake of the immensely popular Top Gun.


Customer Service

Amos is so fast that you might only see a streak of black in the office as he manages our Cat and Dog customer service representatives. A fan of Houdi’s Immune & Wellness formula for cats, he has been an advocate for making them available for all our cat friends worldwide. Tiger is his best friend, and the two can be found on weekends hanging around and performing at the local ‘Whiskers Jazz Club,’ where Amos sings lead vocals.


EU Culinary Liaison

Because she is a Frenchie, Annie was compelled to fulfill the role she felt was her birthright, so she spent a year in Paris attending Le Cordon Bleu and apprenticing as a sous chef. Annie brings the flair, the ‘je ne sais quoi’ and the ‘joie de vivre’ to Houdi’s Foodies. She’s pawsitively Continental, and although she has a higher-than-average sense of self, she works hard to ensure that Houdi’s Foodies are on par with contemporary Michelin star standards.



An artistic savant, he has proven invaluable to Houdini and the board for his marketing knowledge, creativity, and website design. He offers Houdi’s Foodies a unique perspective on suburban cats and dogs observed from his backyard. An accomplished artist specializing in Jackson Pollack-style family portraits with your pet, he has had one dog shows throughout the United States and Europe. For hobbies, he enjoys the sport of chasing squirrels, playing catch, and watching Packers games until Green Bay reaches the championship round.  This is his first board seat, having served on several charitable organizations, and he will oversee the Houdi’s Foodies charitable donation fund.



Remi lives in London, England, with his brother Rumi and together, they are in charge of the International Distribution of Houdi’s Foodies Immune & Wellness formula for cats. Remi is Siamese primarily and has been known to morph into a different-looking cat by changing his size, fur color, and overall looks, which confuses the other board members of whether it’s Remi or another cat attending the board meetings. He’s a homebody; however, when he does go outside, he likes to dress up and walk the neighborhood as Winston Churchill.


UK Liaison

Rumi has earned the reputation of being the ‘Top Cat’ in London. And along with his brother Remi oversees the international distribution of Houdi’s Foodies. He is a large, beautiful, and rare Havana Brown cat with movie-star looks and an operatic voice. Outspoken, his business acumen and contribution during board meetings are respected by the members. Finally, all his suits are bespoken and crafted on Saville Row. He is a ‘Top Cat with Flair.’



Tiger is the largest of our cat board members. He’s a gentle giant who loves to sample Houdi’s Foodies treats, even the dog flavors. Tiger, an Efficiency Engineer by education, ensures that Houdi’s Foodies cat and dog treats are distributed on time to his pet friends. When he is not overseeing the warehouse, Tiger can be found on the local basketball court. A devotee of Ja Morant, he is a master of the cross dribble and prides himself in playing both ends of the court.

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