Ms. Judy with her cat Houdini


To share one's life with a furry friend is to experience true unconditional love, so I decided to create a line of supplement products for pets that help prolong and improve the quality of their lives. Houdi's Foodies is named after Houdini, my toy bobcat, and the CPO (Chief Pet Officer). This collection of natural treats is different from any other snacks on the market. These Houdie's Foodies treats are actually food supplements utilizing the finest ingredients. These highest highest quality human-grade ingredients are the same as those found in our premium North American Herb & Spice line of products. Both product lines are made in the USA. Houdie's Foodies treats were designed because our North American Herb & Spice consumers were searching for healthy pet snacks that they could trust to give to that special member of their family. Therefore, I began formulating snacks for cats and dogs to support hip and joint function, vitamin nourishment, and immune wellness. After five years of research and consulting with multiple veterinarians, Houdi's Foodies daily medicinal treats are now a reality. Feel confident that Houdi's Foodies snacks are a delicious reward and a perfect health enhancer.
Kitten and puppy cuddling
Bill with Houdi

Giving back

Our give back fund for pets is set up in the memory of Major Bill Gray. An animal lover through and through who had a special relationship with Heathcliff, Tabitha, Bart, and Houdini, his beloved cats. A charitable gift giver he donated equally to cat and dog rescue organizations and shelters and valued the role pets played in the human existence. An early supporter of the Houdi's Foodies pet supplement concept, Major Gray was instrumental along with Judy Gray, the CEO & Founder of Houdi's Foodies, in the vision that made Houdi's Foodies a reality. The initial charities that were chosen to receive a percentage of sales from every Houdi's Foodies product sold were the same charities that Major Gray donated to: Anti-Cruelty Society, National Tiger Sanctuary, The Humane Society, ASPCA, Alley Cat Allies, K9s For Warriors, Paws for Purple Hearts, and PAWS Chicago. If you have a charity that you would like Houdi's Foodies to consider for donation, please submit your suggestion at [email protected].