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6.35oz (180 grams)

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Great tasting supplements for dogs of all shapes and sizes

Supplements made for the love and health of dogs don’t have to look like big, hard pills. They can look like delicious, soft, and chewy treats. Houdi’s Foodies is formulated by board-certified animal veterinary nutritionists to be complete and balanced and made with the best, all-natural ingredients from the earth that are prepared precisely to help support and retain your furry best friend’s maximum nutritional levels. 

That’s why we created Houdi’s Foodies. Real, natural wellness and immune soft chew treats help dogs stay healthy, happy, and active. Everything about our natural supplemental treats is good for your pet, good for you, and good for a long and happy life together! And every purchase you make helps animals in need. Do a good deed for your furry family member with the healthy goodness of Houdi’s Foodies.

Veterinarian Approved

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Houdi’s Foodies Wellness & Immune SmartSupps® for dogs is vet-recommended to support a strong immune system, help with seasonal allergies, and support eye and respiratory health. These easy-to-chew delicious beef and bacon flavor treats contain the following key active ingredients: chlorella (antioxidants and essential nutrients), Grass-fed beef liver (B-complex) wild Alaskan sockeye salmon (vitamins A & D, Omegas), the finest Styrian pumpkin seeds (Omega-6s, magnesium, phosphorus, manganese), wild oregano oil (antioxidants, carvacrol), organic egg powder (potassium, calcium, B-Complex) grass-fed adrenal (vitamin C, B-complex) and grass-fed kidney (vitamin A, C, Zinc, B-complex, magnesium, phosphorus)  which support immune health, skin and eye health, and allergy response. Made in the USA, Houdi’s Foodies SmartSupps® are entirely free of GMOs, synthetic chemicals, wheat, corn, soy, and preservatives; what better way to reward your dog than with a delicious treat crafted with the highest amount of active nutritious ingredients and no cheap unhealthy fillers.