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How to Improve Your Pet’s Quality of Life

The ultimate goal for any pet owner is to make sure that their pet is happy, loved, and has a good overall quality of life. But for first-time pet owners, knowing what steps to take can be tricky. Since each pet is unique, there are a lot of different ways to make your pets happy and comfortable. Because of that, there is no blueprint for the “perfect” way to accomplish this. However, we’ve compiled some ways that we think can help your pets achieve a high quality of life.

Keep Them Comfortable

We all like to be comfortable. Maybe that involves being laid out on a beach somewhere enjoying a cool, refreshing beverage. Or maybe it means being curled up on the sofa reading a good book with a warm cup of tea. Whatever it is, our animals are the same way, they like to be comfy!

Finding out what makes your pet comfy can be sort of a trial and error. Sometimes the things that you think might make them comfortable actually stress them out for some reason, and that’s ok! First-time pet owners are supposed to go through these trials and tribulations with their pets. Over time you’ll begin to observe things that make your pet happy and things that make your pet stressed. Take notes! With enough time, your pet may even start showing you things that make them happy like a cat meowing at you and annoying you until you start petting them in the sunlight, or your dog staring at his leash for 20 minutes indicating he wants to go for a walk.

But Not Too Comfortable!

While it’s important to keep your pets comfortable and properly pampered, you don’t want to go too overboard with it. Like humans, animals can become a little complacent if they’re overly pampered and coddled.

Make sure you treat them like you would any part of the family. Make sure they’re fed at a healthy rate, get plenty of exercise, and are shown plenty of love. However, while they are part of the family, they are still your pet. If they start developing bad behaviors or attitudes, it’s important to be able to exercise a certain level of discipline and authority. Think of gentle ways you can nip bad behaviors in the bud like putting them outside, giving them a stern look, or even a gentle hit on the butt. Remind them that you are still in charge. Boundaries are important, and pets need to learn to respect them too.

Feeding Them Right

Nutrition is arguably the most important aspect of being a responsible pet owner, but choosing the right brand, type, and quantity of food can be essentially a random wheel spin. For instance, some cats prefer wet food to dry food, but only tuna flavored, and they like to be fed in the evening.

No matter what kind, frequency, and or brand you choose, Houdi’s Foodies is the perfect treat to supplement your nutrition choice. With our all-natural*, human-grade ingredients, our treats are the perfect way to support your furry friend!

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