Ms. Judy and her cat Houdini

Get to Know Our CPO, Houdini!

You may know our Founder, Ms. Judy Gray, but do you know about our CPO, Houdini? Houdini is Ms. Judy’s Toy Bobcat! Together, they developed Houdi’s Foodies, a line of supplement products for pets that help prolong and improve the quality of their lives!

What is a CPO?

CPO stands for Chief Pet Officer, and is the most important position within the company. As CPO, Houdini has many high-end responsibilities. Houdini works around the clock to make sure he finds the right ingredients for his collections of snacks and treats. To accomplish this, he actively participates in conference meetings, with humans, and with board of director meetings.

But above all, Houdini is in charge of making sure that all of the ingredients contained within Houdi’s Foodies are as high quality, natural, and pet-friendly as possible. As CPO he has been involved in all phases of the product development process, especially the selection of ingredients, formulations, and tasting. Houdini himself enjoys the finest and freshest of diets, which keeps his fur soft and shiny along with keeping his energy levels up. This works so well for him, that he wants to make sure all dogs and cats have access to the same level of healthcare he does.

Some Fun Facts About Houdini

There’s lots to tell about Houdini and his role at the company, but you should also get to know the pet behind the title:

Houdini prioritizes his afternoon naps each day.

Houdini loves to have his belly rubbed and head scratched.

Houdini is extremely passionate and cares about educating humans to supply nourishing foods to cats and dogs.

Houdini loves to play hide and seek. Most of the time he wins. This is why he is named “Houdini” after the famous escape artist.

Houdini strongly believes that pets should be treated as family too.

Houdini graduated from Oxford and Cambridge with a Ph.D. in Feline Philosophy

We hope you now have a better understanding of who Houdini is, his crucial role within the company, and how he works tirelessly to provide healthy pet supplements through Houdi’s Foodies.

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