canine down time

Canine Downtime

Have you ever given thought to how valuable your sense of smell is?

You know how that distinct scent of pine makes you think of Christmas? What about the wafting smells from the kitchen of warm cookies and turkey in the oven? Take right back to holiday memories in an instant?

Dogs have 50 times more olfactory receptors than humans. If our sense of smell can transport us to memories, then dogs have to experience a significantly heightened response to smells and are very responsive to those odors. Did you know that we can use those smells to communicate with our dogs successfully?

With the constant stress we all endure in today’s world, from simple street noises to electronic gadgets and sounds at all times of the day and night, we can quickly get a sensory overload, and so can our dogs. That doesn’t even include individual canine stressors, like the vacuum or the UPS man.

Today’s modern dog can be as stressed as their human and in as much need of a vacation. Many will mirror our stress levels as they read them in us, simply out of concern. So, aside from doggie Prozac, which is available to them, what can you do to make their lives a bit less stressful?

Take them on vacation with you. The change of scenery can be mentally beneficial for them too. Today survey’s tell us that 75% of pet owners travel with their companions. And the number of hotels accommodating dogs is on the rise.

Turn off the noise, turn down the television, or how about a little canine massage?

Kids running through the house all day? Provide a nice quiet place for your dog to escape, like a blanket or bed in a room the children don’t frequent.

A little doggie downtown can make a huge difference in your dog’s mental and physical well-being. Take a few moments to consider your dog’s mental health.

Author: Delmarva Unleashed, a Mid-Atlantic canine magazine, has three field research teams tracking the performance of various products for their readers. All teams have scientific backgrounds, and the publisher also has a certification in canine foods.

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