Pet Behavior Tips From Houdi's Foodies

5 Tips to Encourage Good Dog Behavior

Create a Routine for your Dog

Dogs, like us, are creatures of habit. It’s important to create a routine with your dog and make sure they understand their expectations and activities for the day. Setting a routine like this can help lead to a sense of stability which your dog will appreciate. 

Feed Them Well

Feeding is an obvious part of owning a pet, but did you know that a dog’s behavior can be affected by what you feed them? Things like anxiety, hyperactivity, and destructive behavior can be directly linked to eating the wrong foods. 

It’s important to set strict meal times for your dog. This is part of the routine we previously mentioned and can help a dog learn when it may be appropriate to ask for food. It’s also important to discourage others to not feed your dog when it begs for food outside the scheduled feeding times. 


Dogs are like us, they need to be active and drain their energy! Taking your dog on long walks, letting them run around the yard, and or playing with them can ultimately lead to them being less noisy, anxious, hyperactive, and destructive. The amount of exercise that your dog requires can depend on the breed. It’s important to research and figure out how much exercise your dog may require. 


Some dog breeds naturally seek attention and are hyperactive. If you get up and leave, they’ll be right behind you. If you go into another room, they’ll follow you or whimper to get your attention. This can be sweet at first, but this can lead to bad behavior habits later down the line.

If your dog does this, don’t recognize it or give any comments. Simply do your best to ignore it. Instead, when you find your dog relaxing, try to reward them for this behavior with affection, positive attention, and treats. 

Encouraging and Recognizing Good Behavior 

When your dog starts to recognize and follow good behavior patterns, they should be rewarded as an act of affirmation. This doesn’t just include treats, but words of affirmation, pets, cuddles,  or anything that lets your dog know they did something good. 

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